This post was contributed to the MIT Media Lab’s website as research:

Screenshot from a simulation where AVs are programmed to operate as shared transit, as well as always yield to bikers and pedestrians. See project and team credits:


The impending introduction of autonomous vehicles (AVs) has posed regulatory and ethical questions regarding how they should operate. …

Everything is disorganized.

The election campaign that I worked on has concluded, and it consumed me. It consumed every day of my week with working hours, but I also let it have my heart; the outcome was too personal to keep it away.

I let my work seep into every…

A habit that I did not fail throughout my time in Southeast Asia, is running every morning. Always the same distance, only less if my stomach pain was too sharp from what I had eaten the night before. The most difficult mornings were the ones that were in the dark…

I’m commonly mistaken as a man in Cambodia. Tuk-tuk drivers that want me as their next fare amend their sentences as they call out to me “sir! Lady lady”. Women I’ve encountered in restrooms have let out gasps upon seeing me. Since I have had short hair for more than a year now, this does not feel foreign, but I think my hair in a country where all females seem to keep theirs long, paired with the loose casual clothes I wear here has increased the frequency of this mistake. This is not a complaint. Fewer vendors hassle me to buy their silk scarves, people pay less attention when I wander off the paths well beaten by other tourists or ride bikes alone at night, and I feel safer under this assumed guise of masculinity.

Alex Berke

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